Say what? Yup! This is the story about a girl and a boy whose love, life and the beginning of many adventures would start in Japan. No, this isn’t a Shawn Mendes music video but rather a story about two young people who simply fell in love. And no, this isn’t about me either. Just keep reading will ya’.

This story begins in the summer of 2017, in a city not quite Los Angeles and not quite San Francisco — located in the middle of California called Fresno. A girl by the name of Shanice and a boy by the name of Fernando, locked eyes while out on a night on the town. Skip to many laughs, dates and memories together, they find themselves over 30,000 feet off the ground and going more than 500 miles an hour, in the middle of the sky towards Tokyo, Japan

What’s the catch though? One has a big secret!


Shanice and Fernando arrived in the city of Tokyo in the summer of 2018. Shanice accompanied her mother, Noriko Carr, to visit her family. It had been several years since her mother had been back. It was a joyful reunion. While Shanice spent time with her family, connecting and getting to know each other, she was also eager to explore Tokyo. It was her first time ever in Japan and the couple’s first international trip, so you bet they explored Tokyo like the young and excited couple they are. What exactly did they do and where did they go?

Tokyo Disneyland

What a better place to go than Disneyland, and not just any Disneyland, we’re talking Tokyo Disneyland! Awesome right?! The young couple spent their time living their childhood dreams in Tokyo Disney. Here’s a picture of them trying to contain their gleaming smiles.


A glorious strip of shops flocked by locals and tourists, and one of Tokyo’s most visited neighborhoods. Boasting with colorful street art and unique fashion, the couple made their way there, but not before getting lost, once or maybe twice. It’s alright though because they got some great pictures while exploring (or getting lost) in Harajuku. Check out some of their pictures below.


The largest shopping area in Tokyo, near Japan’s busiest railway station and also one of Shanice’s favorite spots — Shinjuku! They shopped and a little after found themselves in Japan’s largest red light district, Kabukicho.

After a long day, they decided to go back to their Airbnb but first — a quick bathroom break! Have you ever seen such an iconic and technologically advanced toilet?


There was lots of eating! From traditional food like Sashimi and Unagi to one of Shanice’s favorite, Fluffy Japanese Souffle Pancakes. Plus romantic dinners overseeing the Odaiba Waterfront.

Can this get any more perfect? Well yes!

On their fifth day, they made plans to go to Tokyo Skytree. This is one of Japan’s tallest buildings, overseeing the city and what would soon be their forever marked favorite place in Japan.


Don’t let the headline give it away. This story just begins. Let me backtrack a bit. Remember that big secret? Yeah, Fernando was in the middle of the sky in an airplane with an engagement ring in his pocket. How he kept his cool? IDK!

Anyways, Fernando knew this trip would be the perfect opportunity to finally propose — something he’s been wanting to do for some time now. He had the ring, he had the girl, he just needed the right moment.

You know how they went to Tokyo Disney? Yeah, he thought of doing it there but Mrs. Noriko Carr convinced him out of it and suggested Tokyo Skytree instead. When the day finally came to explore Tokyo Skytree, one person was excited to sightsee while the other was about to ask one of lifes biggest questions.

Here’s how the moment went down. Shanice asked Fernando to take a picture of her (sound familiar?) but he seemed a little distracted and told her “Not right now.” Oh yeah, Shanice began to wonder what was going on with him but before she knew it the man of her dreams got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” Queue the water works! Yes! Two people, madly in love, engaged in Japan. The beginning of a forever journey.


In the fall of October 2019, Shanice and Fernando had a beautiful wedding that was intimate and special.

See, I’m not lying. 

It was important to them to incorporate traditions from both of their cultures in their wedding. To pay tribute to Shanice’s Japanese culture, she had a small, private and intimate ceremony. To pay tribute to Fernando’s Guatemalan culture, Shanice wore a traditional long, white veil. 

Although they got married in their hometown of Fresno, you know they had to take it back to the place where they became engaged — Japan. 

In the winter of 2019, they flew back to Japan but this time to get married. Turns out it’s not that easy. There’s long bureaucratic steps but thanks to Shanice’s aunt, a small intimate ceremony took place. The bride and groom both wore traditional Japanese kimonos. It was a beautiful moment they partook in just like Shanice’s grandparents and aunt did previously. Isn’t it beautiful?

That’s the story of how two young people from Fresno, California got lost, engaged and married in Japan. Comment below your thoughts on this love story.


Would you like to know more about the girl in this story? Her name is Shanice Carr Campos and she has her own YouTube channel where she gives beauty tips, talks food and has a video on her under $10k backyard wedding. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter too!

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