Undoubtedly, street art is among my top favorite things to see when traveling. In my opinion, street art is more personal. It’s made with raw emotions by the artist themselves for everyone to enjoy.  

In 2018, I went to Bogota, Colombia for a quick Memorial day weekend trip. I shall tell that story at another time. Out of all the things that my friends and I packed on that 3 day weekend, the street art or graffiti art was the most memorable. 


We explored the street art in La Candelaria — a historic neighborhood in Bogota’s downtown. This vibrant neighborhood boasts many things like museums, colorful walls, cobble stoned streets but most notoriously — art. 

While making your way through the streets of La Candelaria, you can’t help but be captivated by the numerous graffiti art on the walls. You can find these beautiful designs on walls of restaurants, houses, hostels and more. What’s even more captivating is that street art or graffiti in Colombia is often centered around politics and the country’s history. Although you’ll find artwork by many artists both local and international — including BiP, the area’s most notable art and also my favorite is by local artist Carlos Trilleras. He beautifully highlights Colombian indigenous women and ingenious tribes such as the Wayuu

Check out some of the remarkable graffiti art you can spot in Bogota, Colombia’s La Candelaria neighborhood. 



If you’re looking to make a stop in Colombia’s capital of Bogota, a Bogota graffiti tour is a must! They’re free graffiti tours led by locals in the area which you can book here. They will show you the background stories of each art piece. My friends and I were lucky to have a local friend show us around but if you’re looking to join tour groups to view these, definitely go with the graffiti tours. Do you enjoy street art? What’s your favorite street art neighborhood around the world? Comment and share your pictures below. 

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